Vegan: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To The Vegan Diet


Vegan: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To The Vegan Diet

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Vegan The Ultimate Beginners Guide To The Vegan Diet Discover how to lose weight, become healthier, and feel amazing, with a Vegan Diet! The benefits of going Vegan have been growing year after year and every day there are countless people who turn to Veganism to improve their health and change their life. This beginner’s guide to the Vegan diet will cover everything you need to know about adopting the diet, written by someone that is actually a Vegan! If you are looking to become healthier and lose weight and you want to learn more about the vegan diet then this book is your answer. In this book you will discover: -What is Veganism and How Does It Work? -Amazing Health Benefits of Going Vegan -History of Veganism -Pro Tips For A 7 Day Sample Meal Plan -What to Avoid When Going Vegan -Grocery Shopping List for Vegans Revealed -Overlooked Myths of The Vegan Diet -Powerful Tips and Tricks To Help You Stay on a Vegan Diet -And MUCH MORE Series Overview: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide is a series of diet books covering all of the diets out there so that you can be better informed about which one is right for you. Each guide covers the benefits, history, myths, tips and tricks, grocery lists, 7 day meal plans, and more so that you can get a good idea of what the diet is all about. The best way to learn about a diet is to hear from someone that has actually been there and done that. We have diet experts who are actively on the diet and tell you everything you need to know about how the diet works. Our health books are available in three different formats to make it more convenient for you including digital, print, and audio versions of the books.


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