Delicious Tofu: Recipes and Lore from the Land of Tofu for Meat Lovers and Vegetarians

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Delicious Tofu: Recipes and Lore from the Land of Tofu for Meat Lovers and Vegetarians

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Delicious Tofu is a well-researched and carefully-crafted cookbook, written by a native tofu chef. Angela Chang was born in China and raised in Taiwan, where tofu is inseparable from the culinary landscape. The following features are what make this book stand out:

– It offers an unprecedented mixture of authentic information with engaging stories from Chinese history, legends, and current tofu culture for reading pleasure, as well as helpful culinary background.
– It reveals the fact that tofu is for both meat lovers as well as vegetarians. To achieve the best results, the book introduces a wide range of cooking methods plus traditional and creative dishes. Readers will find a rich repertoire of little known techniques, tips, shortcuts, and even global tofu dining guides.
– One chapter is devoted to tofu varieties found in the market, a hidden treasure that even some native tofu users have overlooked. These tofu “jewels” come pre-seasoned and ready to serve, deliciously healthy and convenient options that are worthy of exploration.

“Angela Chang’s Delicious Tofu is a marvelous resource for anyone who wants to learn about the history and nature of tofu. Too often we think of tofu as nondescript and uninteresting. Quite the contrary, in the hands of a masterful chef like the author, tofu becomes one of the most remarkable ingredients in the repertoire of human foodstuffs. Encyclopedic in scope and engagingly written, Delicious Tofu is sure to delight and edify novices and cognoscenti alike.
– Victor H. Mair, Professor of Chinese Language and Literature, University of Pennsylvania

“Angela Chang has been proselytizing for tofu for years, determined to break down the barriers that keep so many Westerners from fully appreciating its delicious versatility. Here she makes it accessible to one and all, with irresistible storytelling and enthusiasm that draws you into her world.”
– Faith Bahadrurian, Food writer and restaurant critic

“Angela Chang’s debut book was the first to enable me to make authentic home-style Chinese food. Here she’s turned her attention to that most versatile and underappreciated protein, tofu. The result is encyclopedic in scope, chock full of engaging history and informative anecdotes, and a treasure trove of inviting recipes. It may be a clichE to say that one recipe is worth the price of the book, but for me Chang’s Pork & Tofu Stew belies that clichE.”
– Pat Tanner, Award-winning food writer, restaurant critic, and radio show host



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