Premium Nigari – Natural Tofu Coagulant, 8 Oz.


Premium Nigari – Natural Tofu Coagulant, 8 Oz.

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The SoyaJoy Nigari is a premium nigari, just like how Himalayan salt is a premium salt. Unlike most nigari on the market that are derived from seawater, the SoyaJoy Nigari is from a pristine Cha’erhan salt lake at over 8000 feet of elevation in the remote Qinghai-Tibet highlands. The dry salt lake was formed when Himalayas rose from the ocean hundreds of millions years ago. Therefore, there are no concerns of radiation or other pollutants in modern-day sea water from nuclear plant leaks, industrial discharge, or farmland runoff to the ocean.

The SoyaJoy Nigari is packed in a strong, resealable, food-safe ziploc plastic bag. It is by far the highest quality nigari on the market. 8 oz makes up to 100 lbs of tofu.

Try the amazingly better taste of homemade tofu!p> Instruction for using it to make tofu is also included. This food-grade magnesium chloride and is also perfect for making your own magnesium oil. Since it is in the form of pure fine granule, it is easier to dissolve in water without any residue of impurity or color found in typical magnesium chloride flakes, which is much cheaper but less pure. A larger package (53 oz) at a much lower introduction price/oz is on-sale on Amazon, search “Sanlinx Inc” on amazon to find it.


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