Gourmet Tofu Coagulant


Gourmet Tofu Coagulant

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3 EASY STEPS TO MAKE TOFU FLOWERS FROM HOT SOY MILK. Step 1: Prepare 0.5 gallon hot fresh soy milk (i.e., using automatic soy milk maker). Step 2: Dissolve 0.5 tsp (not TBS!!!) (~2 gram) coagulant in 3 tsp hot water in a big container. Step 3: Pool 0.5 gallon hot soy milk into the container. Pool forcefully and don’t stir. Wait for 5-10 minutes. The milk should solidify within 5-10 minutes, forming a smooth, homogeneous, semi-solid gel called Tofu Flowers. Tofu Flower tastes best with ginger and brown sugar. The sugar and ginger should be boiled together in water first, then poured on top of the Tofu Flower. If you add sugar powder to Tofu Flower directly, you would have to stir it, and the nicely formed gel structure will be disrupted. 3 EASY STEPS FOR MAKE TOFU FLOWERS INTO JAPANESE STYLE SOFT TOFU: Step 1: Transfer Tofu Flower (prepared as described above) into the bottom part of the Tofu Box lined with cheese clothes. Step 2: Press the top part of the Tofu Box against the Tofu Flower to remove water. Wait for 10-15 min to let cool down and solidify into Tofu. Step 3: Enjoy your home-made tofu. WHY CHOSE GOURMET TOFU COAGULANT: Reason 1: 100x more efficient than nigari or magnesium chloride. The 100 gram pack is enough to aggregate 25 gallons or 75 liters of soy milk. Reason 2: It has no bitter taste like nigari. Reason 3: Healthier than nigari. Nigari is composed of magnesium chloride, magnesium sulfate and potassium chloride extracted from sea water, frequent consumption may pose kidney stone risk. Gourmet tofu coagulant is made from glucose, completely harmless.


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