The Tofu Cookbook for Vegans: 50 Vegan-Friendly Tofu Recipes (Veganized Recipes 11)


The Tofu Cookbook for Vegans: 50 Vegan-Friendly Tofu Recipes (Veganized Recipes 11)

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It’s hard to imagine a food product more versatile than tofu. It can be utilized in a dish as a main ingredient and as a supporting ingredient. It also can be used as a meat substitute, an egg substitute or as a dairy substitute. It can be used quietly in the background to enhance the richness and nutritional value of dishes. However, its most important role and where it shines, in any meal, is as a flavor delivery device.

The magic of tofu is its ability to readily absorb flavors thus allowing it to meld seamlessly into whatever dish it’s incorporated into. From simple snacks to intricate three-course meals, tofu can lend itself to any culinary challenge and make the cook look good in process. What other high protein, high calcium, low fat, low calorie, low cost, environmentally friendly, dairy, egg, and meat substitute can do that?

This cookbook contains 50 amazing and incredibly delicious vegan friendly tofu recipes showcasing the ease with which tofu can be used to enhance dishes and provide a balanced nourishment throughout the day all without compromising on flavor.

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